So tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I bet you still have yet to get your girlfriend or wife something. Like me, you might not be into the whole idea of the holiday, but your significant other is, and expects something more than a few flowers and chocolate. If you're one of these people, and are stuck in a rut, here are five last minute ideas that she is guaranteed to love.

  • A better, more thoughtful bouquet: any guy can get a girl a simple, boring bouquet of flowers. If you really want to show her you care, then put more thought into the bouquet. Read my blog on the meaning of rose colors for more information. You can also put little heart-shaped candies in the bouquet, or even get her a delicious Edible Arrangement.
  • Make her dinner: it's too late for reservations, and let's face it, restaurants bump up their prices on Valentine's Day, which is ridiculous. Why not stay in and make a romantic dinner and setting for two. It will save you money, and will show your girl just how much you care after she sees all the effort you put into the dinner. It will also be more romantic, as there won't be a ton of unwanted background noise. As a woman, I would much rather have a homemade dinner from my guy than going out and spending a fortune. Earn even more points by making a delicious dessert for two.
  • Surprise her at work: unfortunately, this year, Valentine's Day falls on a Monday- the beginning of the work week. If you want to show her some love even before your evening together, then send something her way that she can receive during the work day. Be it flowers, candy, a stuffed animal or a love note, anything will make her heart smile and will make the anticipation even worse, so when you do see her she'll just be bursting with emotions and romantic gestures.
  • Do something nice and out of the ordinary: if your girlfriend or wife is on your back about certain things all the time, then surprise her and do all the things she asks of you. Clean up your apartment, do some repair work or laundry, or even clean yours and her car inside and out. A little help goes a long way, and means more than you probably realize, so guys, suck it up and do something she won't expect. You might get something you don't expect in return!
  • Make something: I used to do this and they were a big hit. Homemade cards. Use construction paper, markers, glitter and computer images to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized card. It allows you to use your imagination and say exactly what you want her to know. Don't feel funny about doing something most guys would consider girly, because anything homemade means so much more than something bought, and in the end you'll be in a better place than the guy who didn't bother doing anything at all. Other ideas include sending a romantic e-mail or even making your own coupon booklet for her to use. Include coupons for things such as massages, dinners, movie nights or anything else you like to do as a couple. I guarantee making something is the best way to go. I'm a woman, trust me.
  • Don't forget about options to rush a delivery or overnight something you bought online!

    I hope these ideas have helped, especially if you don't have anything for your valentine yet. And if you do, then why not get that special someone something else? Whether you're in a new relationship, or are about to get engaged or even married, these are awesome ideas for gifts and will put you in a great spot with your love. You will pretty much be golden.