If you have someone who travels a lot and loves music on your holiday shopping list, or you just would love being able to get a big full sound from a small box that fits in your pocket, then look no further than a Jawbone Jambox. This little beauty sounds great, is portable and wireless to boot. 3 things that anyone who gets it, will love about it.

The Jawbone is small enough to fit into your pocket, and doesn't require a wire to connect to your music player or phone. It uses Bluetooth, so you don't have to bring much else with you except for the USB cabe that you would use to charge it with. Just pair it with your iPhone, Android, iPod Touch or whatever bluetooth capable music device you have and, then start listening to your tunes. For a small box, it really does deliver a good sound.

It comes in 4 colors, black, red, gray and blue, and the little feet on the bottom are non skid. They don't do much for it vibrating though, as I noticed that when the volume is pumped up, it will vibrate and move along the surface it's resting on. While at first I thought that was kind of cool, it's not really a feature and gets annoying when you have to babysit it, so it doesn't fall off the table or desk.

Another cool feature is you can customize the buttons on the device by downloading software from Jawbone's website. Activating different profiles for audio listening, like "Large Room" or "Noise Assassin". And a little added thing I think is really cool, it that you can use it for hands free calling, with your phone. Listening to your music on your iPhone through your Jambox and someone calls? Just take it. Jambox is your handsfree device.

While audiophiles may not fully enjoy the audio experience, it still is impressive and for a small box. But the price could be a little steep for some, at $150. But I think that if I had that kind of money for something like this, it would be pretty nice to have.