Today marks the 60th anniversary of Administrative Professionals Day.  Don't fear this is your friendly reminder to take care of the assistants that help every executive become successful.  There are over 4.1 million secretaries and Administrative Professionals working in the U.S. and we've come up with quick list of affordable gifts. 

3. Happy Hour

There is still time to ask your secretary or assistants to join you after work for couple of happ hour drinks before heading home.  It's at the end of the day and your secretary will look forward to unwinding after a long day.  Especially if the boss is paying.  Remember to drink in moderation and do not drink & drive.




2.  Flowers and Plants.

Why not call a florist, order a simple bouquet and have it delivered to the office.  Besides brightening your secretary with the surprise, the office will look nice well after the holiday.





1.  Lunch

You can't go wrong with a simple lunch and food.  Treat the whole staff.   Call around there are most likely lunch specials and deals today for bosses and secretaries.  Make it longer than a hour and your staff will really appreciate it.


Secretaries and administrative professionals are the backbone to the success of your office and company - remember to say thank you - It will go a lot further than forgetting today!