At my home, no one better get between my fiance' Kim and the coffee in the morning. That's the inside joke here at home. Many people enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or just about anytime of day. And the Keurig Single cup brewer is makes an awesome present for the coffee lover or the tea lover on your holiday list.

Before, when you wanted a cup of coffee you usually made a full pot or a half a pot of coffee and what ever was left over went to waste. Keurig solved the issue with their K-Cups. Single serving coffee in a small cup that fits into the top of the brewer. The K-Cups come in a bunch of different flavors, like Donut House, which is a generic blend in tribute of Dunkin Donuts, who now also have their own coffee in K-cups. Even Starbucks has gotten in on the Keurig brewer system with their own coffee in K-cups.

They're super simple to use and make a great cup of coffee every time. Even people who don't drink coffee, like me can brew a nice cup of tea with tea K-cups, or even hot chocolate. The only drawback is the cost of the K-cups. They are usually about $8 for a box of 12 cups. This can get pricey, but Keurig made a reusable filter to let you use your own coffee in the Keurig. Just scoop in your favorite coffee, and brew. The filter is also very easy to clean out and wash.

This is by far an awesome gift for a coffee drinker. They range in price from $100 on up, but they pay for themselves in a matter of a couple months. I highly recommend this gift for the coffee drinker in your life or even as a gift for the office.

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