Hoping For Dry Weather at Q-Ruption
It looks like the weather here in the Albany area is going to be filled with looming rain.  Fingers are crossed right now though that things dry out for Friday at Q-Ruption.
The Hot Girls of Q-Ruption Performer Skillet [VIDEO]
With Q-Ruption less than a week away, ol' Monte can't wait to see the girls of Skillet on stage. You have heard Skillet's tunes here on the Q , but have you seen guitarist Korey Cooper and drummer Jen Ledger rock out?  Not only talented, these ladies are easy on the eyes!
Win Q-Ruption Tickets At Barleycorn’s [VIDEO]
Do have your tickets to Q-Ruption, the biggest concert in the history of Q103!?  How would you like to score a free pair of tickets to the show?  I've got your shot Barleycorn's on Saturday night!
Top 5 Godsmack Singles – Dru’s Picks
I could have gone with top 5 albums or videos, but I went with singles in the hopes that Sully will take an interest in little ole Dru and indulge my need to hear these live when they come to town for Q-Ruption next week.  Let us begin.
Who Will Open Up Q-Ruption?
Find out tonight at Savannah’s on Pearl St. in Albany starting at 10pm. This is it man. It’s the finals for our ‘Play For The Stage’ competition. One of these 3 bands is going to play at SPAC next Friday and play with Godsmack, Five Finger Death …
Q-Ruption Survival Guide
So Q-Ruption is getting closer and closer, and you’re wondering about all sorts of things. Fear not – we have you covered. First, yours truly (Mrozek) will be broadcasting backstage @ SPAC starting at 2pm. So keep it locked on all day for up to the minute updates of what&CloseC…
Free Beer & Hot Wings Show National Live Broadcast Location Changed
Due to overwhelming response, the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning show national live broadcast location has been changed from Hooters on Wolf Road to the Saratoga Race Course.  The track offers a bigger area to accommodate those who want to be a part of the live audience.  The Free Beer & Hot …
Q-Ruption Seating Chart With Photos of The View From Each Section at SPAC
You may have purchased your Q-Ruption tickets already and if so you likely are familiar with what the view from your seat looks like. Q-Ruption is happening on Friday August 19th, 2011 so we sent our photographer extraordinaire Nick Lee out to capture the view from each section at SPAC. Check out th…
Sully Erna from Godsmack Talks Q-ruption and More [AUDIO]
Godsmack front man Sully Erna took 10 minutes out of his busy schedule to talk to us regarding his Avalon solo project, and Godsmack as well as what we can expect when Godsmack headlines Q-ruption August 19th at SPAC plus he reveals who exactly 'Cryin Like a Bitch' is written about.  …

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