Find out tonight at Savannah’s on Pearl St. in Albany starting at 10pm. This is it man. It’s the finals for our ‘Play For The Stage’ competition. One of these 3 bands is going to play at SPAC next Friday and play with Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch and more. Pipebomb, Tamerlane and Selfish Needy Creatures will do their best to win you, and our judges over to play on the big stage.

Oh, and guess what? The Q-Tease will be there as well. Yeahguy! With music, babes and over 50 draught beers to choose from, where else would you want to be on this Friday night? Guess I’ll see you there.

Btw, if you’re looking for something to do first, I’ll be playing acoustic out on the patio at ‘R Bar’ (right next to Jillian’s) until about 9:15 or so.