I could have gone with top 5 albums or videos, but I went with singles in the hopes that Sully will take an interest in little ole Dru and indulge my need to hear these live when they come to town for Q-Ruption next week.  Let us begin.

Apparently, Godsmack has an affinitiy for upstate NY since they never seem to miss a show here.  The band has come to SPAC more times than I can count, and I hope it's a tradition they uphold in the future too.  I have no doubt that when they take the stage at SPAC again next Friday, August 19th for Q-Ruption, they'll receive a monumentally warm welcome from all of us, RIGHT?!  (I'll be watching to make sure you do!)

"Voodoo" (1999) Godsmack
Why?: Don't try to deny the fact that you sing along to this whenever you hear it on the radio.  There's just no way to escape that haunting "voodoo" refrain (some might even say it's...voodoo <-- bad joke) or seductive bass playing.  Whether you realize it or not, this one will still be in your head hours after you've heard it and you love it every single time it happens.

"I Stand Alone" (2002) Faceless & Scorpion King Soundtrack
Why?: This song was the only reason I had any interest in seeing The Scorpion King.  I never actually got around to seeing it, but from what I got from the reviews, the song was the best part about the film anyway.  To prove it, Sully & Co. earned two Grammy nods for it that year - "Best Rock Song" and "Best Hard Rock Performance."  And by "Rock," I do not mean Dwayne "no-neck" Johnson.

"Serenity" (2003) Faceless
Why?: It's a song about healing that was written by Sully as a tribute to his childhood role model Neil Peart.  I think it's the closest thing to a ballad the group has ever released as a single.  The lyrics tell a story we can all relate to and ask questions that at some point we all wind up asking ourselves in life.  Not to mention the song title also happens to be the title of one of my all-time favorite geeky, sci-fi movies - long live Joss Whedon!

"Good Times, Bad Times" remake (2007) Good Times, Bad Times...Ten Years of Godsmack
Why?: If anyone is going to cover Zeppelin, it better be Godsmack.  And no other song is going to capture the crazy roller-coaster life these guys went on in the ten years leading up to their induction today into the pantheon of great rockstars they are now - you have good times, and you have bad times.  That's really all you or anyone else needs to know.

"Cryin' Like a Bitch!" (2010) The Oracle
Why?: Rumor has it this was written in response to some bad blood between GS and members of other bands they had toured with once upon a time.  Sully's a stand-up guy and never dropped any specific names (at least none that I ever discovered) instead he took the high road and wrote a balls-to-the-ground rock song that we all want to play for our exes.

Hopefully, at least three, if not all, will be performed at SPAC NEXT FRIDAY when Q-Ruption is unleashed on the Capital District.  This show will be epic and I'm going to rub it in your face if you don't join us for the event.  Mmmm, I can see the fist pumping now!

Anyone else have a wishlist they'd like to hear next week?