With Q-Ruption less than a week away, ol' Monte can't wait to see the girls of Skillet on stage. You have heard Skillet's tunes here on the Q , but have you seen guitarist Korey Cooper and drummer Jen Ledger rock out?  Not only talented, these ladies are easy on the eyes!

Jen Ledger is the 21 year old drummer for Skillet.  Check out this drum solo I found online.  Where were these girls when I was 21!?!


Korey Cooper is the 39 year old guitarist and singer.  She's married Skillet's lead singer, John Cooper.  Guess taking her out for a cup of tea is out of the question?  I can still look :-)


Oh man, less than a week until I can see these ladies live!  Something about a girl that can rock out in front of 20,000.  I dig!  What do you think of the Skillet girls?