Last night was the grand finale of Q103's Play for the Stage at Savannah's in Albany, and finalists Tamerlane, Selfish Needy Creatures and Pipebomb all performed for a second time to win the ultimate prize and opportunity- to open for Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Skillet, Sick Puppies and Egypt Central at next weeks Q-Ruption. Congratulations to SELFISH NEEDY CREATURES for being the big winners!

I blogged about local rock/screamo quartet Selfish Needy Creatures after their performance last week, and they were just as awesome this week. They are great performers, musicians and overall amazing people. Their impressive energy and stage presence will definitely be up-to-par with the other bands, and I have no doubt that the crowd will love them and see them as we have the past two weeks. They are just a group of normal guys who love rock n' roll, which is what it's all about. I cannot wait to see them on the huge stage at SPAC next week alongside the rest of the bands. Their win was very much deserved and well-received by all. Good luck next week boys, I know you will kill it!

Thank you to all the bands who competed and put on great performances these past few weeks. Everyone did such an amazing job and I never would've guessed being a judge would be as hard as it was. I sincerely enjoyed every band and what they had to offer, and I thank everyone for being respectful and supportive of one another. I only hope I have the chance to do something like this in the near future.

We at Q103 look forward to seeing all of you next week at the biggest concert of the summer- Q-Ruption.