On Saturday, I talked to James, a guitarist from the band, Trust Company, at Rock on the Range 2011. He's incredibly passionate about their music and had so many positive things to say about Trust Company's growth since the band started.

Our interview mostly consisted of the band's desire to the band's new single some coverage and how they are working to gain it some popularity.  The single is called, "Heart in my Hands." James even gave me a copy of the band's fourth album and made me promise to listen to it and get the music out to the public. Of course I listened to it, and the  CD rocks just has as hard the past albums, True Parallels and The Lonely Position of Neutral.

I've been a fan of Trust Company's music for awhile, actually since I heard their single "Downfall" on Jessica Alba's film Into the Blue in theaters. The band took a break since their last album released, and it's about time they've come out with some new material. If you haven't heard the new single "Heart in my Hands," check it out below and be sure to support the band by purchasing it if you like it.