This is my second time seeing the Damned Things and they rocked just as hard as they did when they were in Albany when they performed at Northern Lights. Their latest album is, Ironclast, and they really have a fun and energetic album. If you're not familiar with the Damned things, they are rock supergroup made up of members from Fall Out Boy to Every Time I Die.

I was able to talk to the lead singer, Keith, for a bit while I was at the show. I asked about the song, "Friday Night," since it's a such a fun song, and clearly beats Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You." They wanted "Friday Night" to be a simple party song that was all about having fun. This was definitely successful, and will be my weekend theme song for the summer.

The Dammed Things were not able to make it to the first day of Rock on the Range because of their tour. Although Keith was excited for the success of their show today. After Rock on the Range they plan tour abroad in Europe, in countries such as England.

I'm also very happy Keith took the time to talk to me. His family was waiting for him after his performance. I promised I would keep the interview short, and I did. He's a rockstar with family values, and I've gained so much more respect for him and the rest of the band for that.