With Q-Ruption announced this week, I'd like to share my experience of "people watching" at Rock on the Range 2011. From this, I learned several "Nays" for Q-Ruption. All of us Q-Tease will have cameras at Q-Ruption, these simple guidelines will prevent you from making it into the "Q-Ruption Hall of Shame."

  • Don't get drunk and pass out/puke
    Unfortunately, every concert there will be at least one person that's a drunken fool. I cannot begin to explain to you about how many passed out drunk people I saw. Some of the employee's from Q103's Michigan sister station, Banana, were poking fun at several of those passed out fools. Don't let yourself be the victim of our shenanigans. By the way, if you happen to pass out with your shoes on, it's fair game. (Fun fact: the lady in the photo has one shoe off and that shoe has been placed on her butt.)
  • Don't have sex in public
    Some PDA is fine, but seriously, I don't want to see tongue and neither does anyone else. We get it, you're feeling frisky, but we don't want to picture or imagine your sex life in any way. There were so many people laying in the grass dry-humping at Rock on the Range. In a nutshell, if I want to watch some people have sex, I'd flip on a porno.  In my honest opinion, the couples flaunting their sex life our the couples with a tarnished relationship, or the most problems to come. Sucks for them!
  • Don't let your kids go deaf
    I'm all for parents rocking out with their much younger children at a concert, but save their hearing. It may not bother them now, but they'll be needing hearing aids before their ten. This is pretty self explanatory.
  • Stop fighting

    I hate fighting with a passion. Just because the music gets your adrenaline going, and there's alcohol flowing in your blood doesn't give you any more of a reason to fight. Yes, a person bumped into you. If you weren't aware, you're at a concert and we're all standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Get over it, or go home.

  • If you're not a stripper, but on some pants
    I saw too many chicks wearing underwear at Rock on the Range. I'm aware it was hot, but it wasn't that hot. We all get it your independent and feel sexiest in your itty bitty panties, but if you missed the memo were at an outdoor concert. A co-worker once told me, "just because you can fit into them, doesn't mean you can rock them." Honey, your butt cheek cellulite is glistening with sweat.