Below the video, I've posted the interview word-for-word with Alex and Jeremy of A Day to Remember at Rock on the Range 2011. They were a great guys, and I wanted to thank Q103's sister station, Bananas, for giving me the opportunity to do a video interview with the band.

I've also posted at the bottom of the blog, the music video of  "I'm Made of  Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?" in case you have not watched it yet.

Me: Hi, I'm here at Rock on the Range with Alex and Jeremy. I just had a couple questions to ask them before their big show today. So, I wanted to ask you guys about your music videos. Your music videos are always so much fun. With "I'm Made of Wax,Larry, What Are You Made of?" how was it working with the Rock Star Girls?"

Jeremy: It was a lot of fun. They were nice. It wasn't like weird or anything They were good sports. We kind of kept them a lot longer than we were supposed to, but they were cool about it.

Alex: I think they hated us.

Me: So what about the little kids? Were any of the little kids hurt during the video or did they beat you guys up?

Jeremy: No, the little kids were awesome.

Me: They looked awesome!

Alex: Some of the little kids were brats.

Jeremy: Well that's true, but that kid got cut out. It's like that one kid that sits in the field and digs holes and stuff.

Me: That's so funny. So did you guys get in an actually dodgeball fight when you were practicing with them?

Alex: I wish I could say, yes.

Jeremy: Well we did at some points. The bigger kid was always screwing around and throwing stuff at us.

Me: So you guys are headlining Warped Tour this year, I'm really excited to see you guys there. I'm going to keep this short and let you go. I'm excited and good luck!

Alex and Jeremy: Thank you.