Today, I spoke with Oli, the leader guitarist of All That Remains. They're lined up to perform on the main stage laster this afternoon. He explained how the band just came in from a show in Pittsburgh the night before, so him and his band members unfortunately were unable to check out the first day of Rock on the Range.

The band has been on tour for the last couple months and they actually made a stop in Albany a few months back at Northern Lights in Clifton Park. As always the band is constantly  putting on a show in Albany, and as far as I'm concerned, Albany loves them just as much as Q103. What's not to love about a band that has a chick member that can rock out hard with them?

For those of you that don't know, All That Remains is pretty local to Albany, NY. They are from Springfield, Massachusetts which is a short drive east from us. I asked Oli where his favorite stop has been on tour so far, and he said they did a show in their hometown during the tour. Obviously, home is where the heart is. The band hasn't forgot where their roots came from and that's a great quality for them to have.

Oli said he loves to tour, but the driving sometimes is his least favorite part of the tour. The drive from Pittsburgh was short and he said their next stop will be Michigan which is another short drive from Ohio. They're fortunate enough to have the tour stops close together, but he said the drives from Texas and Arizona can be a bit tedious as they are too long. I asked about how long those drives were, and he wasn't sure but I can imagine they were long enough.

Further into their tour, All That Remains will be heading out to Europe to perform at various festivals taking place. Some of the stops will be in Scandinavia and Germany. All I can ask is, can they really compete with Rock on the Range?

I found out a fun fact about Oli during my interview with him. Aside from him being 6'2'' and so much taller than me, he actually highly despises energy drinks. He said his pre-show rituals are simply practicing and being well rested. That's all there is to it, and it clearly has benefited him so much.

I was truly thankful for being given the opportunity to speak with Oli. I wish Q-Tease Jen was able to experience this special moment with me as it's one of her favorite bands. All That Remains will be making be making a stop back in the area July 22nd! I hope to see everyone at the show!