Dope don't pay kids. Just ask the woman who swallowed 51 condoms filled with Heroin and got caught by customs officials in Canada! Best part, the "Trafficker" would have died if she had not received medical help when she did.

Agents detained the woman on November 6 at the Vancouver International Airport on suspicion of carrying drugs. How they thought this I have no clue. I mean, after hospital X-rays doctors determined that she ingested and inserted the drugs.

Thankfully for this 'dope', surgeons were able to extract the drug as she would have died from overdosing after her body would try to digest the pellets. The unnamed woman isn't the first to try this. She is actually the third person in three consecutive days to smuggle drugs in to Canada.

The other two happened on November 4. The men raised suspicion when there were inconsistencies in their answers to basic customs questions. X-rays were done and found the men had ingested a large amount of drug pellets that began to deteriorate.

How much is a "large amount"? The first guy had 79 pellets recovered during surgery, while the other had 229! In total, 770 grams of meth were removed from the guys' bodies.

Sorry, but I can't see a time where I would accept compensation from someone who asked to be ingest a large amount of any drug and traffic it across borders.