First the voice Elmo goes down for inappropriate actions with young boys - Now comes another wave to destroy our childhood. The voice of Charlie Brown, Peter Robins, has been arrested for stalking and death threats.

The man who played the voice of the childhood favorite in the 1960's was arrested on Sunday morning at the Mexican border attempting to leave the US. Border Patrol agents redirected Robbins to an area for a more extensive background check when they found he was wanted on several outstanding warrants for stalking.

Robbins was taken into custody and booked around 4 a.m. Monday morning. 12 felony charges filed Wednesday, which some say "cap the downward spiral" of the one time child star. The charges stem from a "flood" of death threats against his ex-girlfriend and plastic surgeon.

The problems began December 31st of last year when Robbins and his 33-year-old girlfriend got into an argument where he demanded she get a refund for her breast augmentation surgery. He then began to beat her dog and threaten to continue to do so unless she got her money back. Physical abuse is also alleged as his girlfriend had a red mark on her neck when police arrived.

Robbins even went as far as to call the surgeon's answer service and demand the money back along with leaving a threatening note at the office saying "I will break you in half today, and all the kings men won’t put you back together again."

The rage didn't stop there as he phoned his girlfriend more then 40 times with threats.

Robbins pleaded not guilt to 10 counts of making criminal threats and two counts of stalking. He faces 9 years in prison if found guilty.