Another interesting match up in the second round of our Christmas battles.  It's good ole' Charlie Brown against the Christmas movie titan, A Christmas Story.   So who will prevail in this match up?

This will be a hard choice, but I could be wrong.  The Grinch dominated the Muppets yesterday and is awaiting the winner of this battle.  Will he take on his classic Christmas special rival Charlie Brown or will he have to prep himself to take on A Christmas Story?

A Christmas Story is one of everyone's favorites, and was speculated that it would make it all the way to the final round.    Who doesn't love the crazy story of Ralphie and his quest to get a BB gun that no one wanted him to have?  Plus how can we forget how Flick got his tongue stuck to the pole, and those awful pink bunny PJs?

Let us not forget the messages that are taught to us in Charlie Brown though.  It is one of the most loved specials of all time with some of the most loved characters of all time.  Like I said before though, this wasn't going to be easy.  Now vote away!