After Ralphie and A Christmas Story punched Bad Santa in the mouth for the knockout, we have two juggernauts of Christmas TV go at it today.  Charlie Brown versus Frosty.  Vote now for your favorite.

A fight similar to the 'Rumble in the Jungle' and the 'Thrilla in Manila', this will see one Christmas heavyweight go down.  The moral lessons learned in A Charlie Brown Christmas taking on the magic that is Frosty The Snowman.   I feel as though most people love both of these specials equally.

They have such lasting images.  The kids at the end of Charlie Brown standing there with their noses pointed in the air hum-singing 'Hark The Harald Angels Sing", the tree that just needed love and of course the crazy dancing kids to Schroeder's jazz piano jam.  Then you have Frosty and his trademark "Happy Birthday" when they bring him to life.  Who hasn't uttered that a time or a million.  Surely a knock down drag out fight is ready to happen.  This won't be pretty, so vote now!