What do you think? Is this too much for a pre-game show? Watch the video from TNT's Inside The NBA and decide for yourself. As a DJ at a rock station (where some people just refer to us as guys that tell d*ck jokes) it feels kind of funny saying this, but I think it was quite inappropriate. I guess I’ve come to a point in life where I realize that not all material is suitable for all situations, and an NBA event is certainly not the room for that. Considering that lots of kids are tuning in to watch their favorite players and see who’s going to make the All-Star game, it just didn’t seem right to me. Could Tracy Morgan have gotten his point across about Sarah Palin without saying “masturbation”? Probably, and many people think that’s the whole key of the broadcasting world, to be able to be witty enough to insinuate or say something, without actually saying it. To dance across a fine line without actually saying something that offends someone can be a difficult task. I know I’ve offended a few along the way in my radio career, but perhaps seeing Tracy in this light has opened my eyes. Or is the rock radio world of  babes, beers and kickass tunes just such a different environment that it doesn’t matter what I say? I think may consider attempting the high road, but only time will tell. Either way, the funniest part of this clip to me is how quickly Ernie Johnson thanks Tracy for coming by and wants to get rid of him. It’s always funny to see someone when they’re uncomfortable!