We talk about the hottest, smartest and most talented women all the time.  So who are the women that we would not want anything to do with?

Often we will say which celeb we would love to be with.  How much we are impressed by them, their fame, their beauty, whatever.  AskMen.com has put together a top 10 list of the women that are least desired by men in 2011.  These ladies on the list are some of the grossest, foul mouthed, just over all nasty women in the biz.  I don't agree with one or two of them, but most of this list is dead on.

Lets start out with someone who i think shouldn't be on this list. Number 9, Holly Madison.  I know this list was put together by polling men, and maybe they don't like her because of her dumb show on E! and their girlfriends are clogging up the DVR with it (Vera I'm looking at you), but seriously whats wrong with Holly? She seems smart and of the 3 playmates to come from The Girls Next Door, she is the prettiest.  I don't understand why she is on the list, but of them all, she is the only one I don't agree with.

Now onto some of the woman who use to be pretty damn hot.  Number 8 is Madonna, and she use to be desired by many people, personally I never saw the appeal.  Now she is so screwed up by plastic surgery and don't forget those nasty looking arms most men wouldn't look twice at her.  Speaking of getting jacked up by plastic surgery, number 6 Heidi Montag.  Her plastic surgery has totally ruined her life.  Breast implants that look so fake and if you look at photos of her when she first started on The Hills she doesn't even look the same.  I remember at one point in time Lindsay Lohan being one of the hottest girls on the planet and all over Maxim magazine and such.  With all her recent trouble and brushes with the law, her hotness has totally worn off, she also hits pretty high on this list.

No surprise that Jersey Shores Snooki is on the list.  Nothing more disgusting than a dirty drunken little troll. She takes the number 2 spot, surprised she isn't number 1?  Me too.  How could anyone be more less desirable than Snooki?  Dirty pop star Ke$ha hit the list as well.  No surprise there, after all she wears garbage as fashion.  I feel bad about number 3 on the list, sort of.  It's the lesser of the three Kardashian sisters, Khole.  It must be hard with the super hot Kim Kardashian as your sister and her sister Kourtney is also pretty smoking, so no matter what Khole falls to ugliest.  Yeah, she is kind of tall, and mannish, but she seems pretty nice right? Oh well, Lamar Odom seems to like her.

So who is the number one least desired woman in the world?  Here's a hint, she's from Alaska and her names rhymes with Kara Galin.  Yep,  Sarah Palin.  I have to say I totally agree with this.  When she speaks it's like a knife is being drilled into my head, a dull dim-witted knife.  I didn't think that republicans could find someone they were more embarrassed by than G.W, but Palin as taken that away from him.  If you want a complete look at this list, click here.