Sarah Palin is the outdoorsy type and loves to hunt but recently she said it was necessary to "feed her family".  You'll roll over laughing when you hear how much her hunting trips end up costing.

The former Governor of Alaska is no stranger to the wilderness.  She hunts, fishes, no doubt wrestles bears and churns her own butter but does she need too?

According to Hollywood Life she recently said that hunting was necessary in order to feed her family and fill her freezer.  Now having grown up in the middle of nowhere   I know plenty of people who hunt and depend on hunting season to put some meat on the table.

Now Palin may like hunting but there is no way she needs to hunt in order to "feed her family".  Her most recent  hunting trip cost her $42,000.  If you work that out it would be like one of us going to the grocery store and spending $141 per pound on steak.   I don't know about you but I don't like paying $8.99 per pound on chicken.  This reminds me of one of my favorite NBA players Latrell Sprewell.  Remember when he famously turned down a 3 year deal worth $21 million because it wouldn't be enough to support his family?  I think some people are just totally out of touch with reality.  Palin as gained much fame since running as John McCain's VP candidate and has since written a book and has her own TV show on TLC.  So maybe she needs a reality check and find out what real American's are doing to support their families.