While we aren't exactly always on board with Sarah Palin's messages, we can't argue against the fact that she looks pretty great for a 49 year-old mother of five. 

Let's just start off by saying that we have absolutely no idea what was going on at the this NRA rally. We assume people were shooting guns, talking about guns, and preparing for World War III. What we were focused on after the big rally was the shirt that former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin elected to wear.

It looks like the Under Armor logo met up with trees, or deer, or something. It says on it 'Women Hunt', and we're sure they do. What we really noticed was how it perfectly highlighted her blouse cannons. Wow!

While we appreciated the form fitting shirt, we aren't sure about the rest of her outfit. Are those clogs that she's wearing?

Getty Images

Dare we say it? Looks like Sarah Palin is packing some large guns. Okay, we'll stop.

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