Monte’s Favorite Q-Ruption Performance- Skillet [VIDEO]
As one of you 12,138 fans that rocked out at Q-Ruption last night, it was hard to pick a favorite act.  One band I was anticipating to see in person delivered in a big way last night.  For me, it was Skillet that got ol' Monte tapping his foot.
Win Q-Ruption Tickets At Barleycorn’s [VIDEO]
Do have your tickets to Q-Ruption, the biggest concert in the history of Q103!?  How would you like to score a free pair of tickets to the show?  I've got your shot Barleycorn's on Saturday night!
Who Will Open Up Q-Ruption?
Find out tonight at Savannah’s on Pearl St. in Albany starting at 10pm. This is it man. It’s the finals for our ‘Play For The Stage’ competition. One of these 3 bands is going to play at SPAC next Friday and play with Godsmack, Five Finger Death …
Q-Ruption Survival Guide
So Q-Ruption is getting closer and closer, and you’re wondering about all sorts of things. Fear not – we have you covered. First, yours truly (Mrozek) will be broadcasting backstage @ SPAC starting at 2pm. So keep it locked on all day for up to the minute updates of what&CloseC…
Q103’s Play For The Stage Round #2 Results
This past Friday, round two of Q-Ruption's Play for the Stage took place at Savannah's on South Pearl Street in Albany. The Hearing Aides, Tamerlane and Potter's Field all competed and played for 20 minutes to win a chance at the finals later in the month. Last week, Pipebomb was…

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