As one of you 12,138 fans that rocked out at Q-Ruption last night, it was hard to pick a favorite act.  One band I was anticipating to see in person delivered in a big way last night.  For me, it was Skillet that got ol' Monte tapping his foot.

After seeing drummer, Jen Ledger, and guitarist, Korey Cooper, rock out on youtube videos , I was ready to see Skillet make ol' Monte's night.  Let me down they did not!  As soon as they stepped out, the lights went off and two people in white suits started playing a violin.  Wait- what!?  A violin?  I tell you what, Skillet made violins bad ass on "Whispers in the Dark".   We'll get some killer photos for you up on the website soon but check out a few of the shots I took with my handy dandy camera.  I also found a sweet video on youtube taken by a Q-Ruption fan!  What did you think of Skillet's set?