Don’t Mess With DANZIG! (Video)
Glenn Danzig does not like to be photographed, see what happens when a photographer does not take that fact seriously and learns the hard way, that you don't mess with Danzig!
Have A Safe 4th Of July! (Video)
Americans, I hope you all have a fun, safe 4th of July. Here is a video to remind you of all that can possibly go wrong with setting off fireworks. It's from 2011 but it defiantly get's the point across.
Shame On Kanye (Videos)
Kanye West attempts to cover 'Bohemian Rhapsody', at the Glastonbury Festival in England over the weekend, because the audience petitioned to have Kanye removed from the show, was this pandering to the crowd or a slap in the face?
Watch Drunk People Do Something Stupid (Video)
There is nothing better then seeing drunk people doing something stupid, especially when you are not the drunk person doing something stupid, let this be a reminder to yourself, next time you're drunk don't do something this stupid.
Smash Mouth Kind Of Lives Up To Their Name (Video)
Just in case you forgot about the band Smash Mouth, recently the lead singer got really upset and flipped out on stage, because someone through bread at him. So he showed the world his potty mouth and his temper, and the world kind of noticed.

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