Learning How To Curl With The Albany Curling Club
It's Winter Olympics season, which means the inevitable- hearing all kinds of people talk about how they could be Olympians in curling.  I have to admit, I'm totally guilty of saying "that doesn't look hard," and I also may be a little bit biased with my history…
Learn to Curl: Free Advice Friday
In honor of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea on this weeks Free Advice Friday some advice on how you can learn to become an Olympic (or just an average) curler this weekend!
Voice Dubbed Women Of Curling Via Sochi 2014
I have to admit: I'm a fan of curling. Seriously! Sitting up at all hours of the night watching chicks slide behind, whatever that thing they're sliding behind is, drinking tons of cold ones thinking: Someone has spent years and years and years perfecting the art of brooming an ice lane wh…