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The Albany Area FINALLY Has An Official Music Video [VIDEO]
Step aside Jay-Z, Albany is on the map- Neeeeewwwww Yooorrrrkkkkk!!!! Yep, we finally have an official music video and let me tell you- It's ill! Sick with it, if you will. Who needs quick cuts of the Empire State Building when you can watch a Sysco truck zoom down Washington Ave? Seriously, Al…
Albany Area Skater Has Skills [VIDEO+POLL]
'Trick shot half quarter flip pops': Is that a trick? When I was a kid I was all about skating. I couldn't do tricks but I could ride a skateboard pretty well. Yep, I wasn't the adventurous type when it came to trying to jump my board over things. For that- I look to the sky like a rapper and thank …
Fake Baby Daddy Needed In The Albany Area via Craigslist
Craigslist offers everything, right? You can get a free car, (yes they are given away) find a lovely to bed at the end of a hard week at work, and even- find a job for the day. Yes, the Albany Area is fortunate to have Craigslist and so am I!
Albany NY Fire Department in 1901 [VIDEO]
I feel like we, as human beings, get so wrapped up in our day to day lives that we forget about the little things. Well, in this case, it would be a very big thing. I was searching YouTube for local happenings in the Albany area and stumbled upon a sweet video.
Albany Area Woman Just Trying To Junk A Car Catches A Felony Charge
You know, in this rough economy you really have to hustle to make a buck. It's tough out there on those streets. Real tough! I mean you really have to take advantage of any way to earn few green backs, right? As your favorite rapper might say: 'You have to get on your grind and ish&ap…
Get Any Chicks Number and Freak Her Out at the Same Time
Oh that title is correct, in my opinion, especially around here. Maybe it's just me though?  I'm sticking with: 'In real life, ish doesn't go down like this.' Well hold on: It goes down like this but you know the chick is making a b-line for her comp only to b…
Albany Area Tat Shop Robbed
I kind of wish people would put forth a bit of effort when it comes to 'earning' cash, rather than taking the easy route and robbing. Unfortunately, we aren't privy to that behavior even here in the Albany area.
‘Of Theatre Bikinis’ – Independent Film from Albany
Once of my favorite past times at work is to see what people in our area are posting on Youtube. This week I found the "independent" film "Of Theatre of Bikinis" by Very Scary Productions. Very Scary Productions is based out of the Albany area where the filming ta…

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