The Free Sample tray is a great way to try and get potential customers to buy your product. Some take the sample while others just walk on by but one man took "too many" free samples.

Erwin Lingitz of Minnesota is suing the Cub Foods for being "ruffed up" by employees of the store for his allegedly egregious abuse of free lunch meat.

According the things Erwin was scolded about by the store manager: filling up a produce bag with more than 20 cookies from the Kid Free Cookie tray. He also had 6 packets of soy sauce, over a half-pound of sausage and nearly a pound of beef stick in his pockets.

Erwin claims his civil rights were violated. He is suing Cub Foods parent company Supervalu Inc./Kowalski Cos, Ramsey County, its sheriff's office, three deputies and a private security company.

In his filing, Erwin claims he went to the store in April 2010 to pick up a prescription  He noticed the free lunch meats sample tray and helped himself. He also claims a store employee told him he could take some home to his wife. Upon trying to exit the store a security guard.

Erwin protested and the incident escalated to the point that police were called. The end result was Erwin being arrested. He was charged disorderly conduct, interfering with the officers and shoplifting. Those charges were dropped in 2012 by a judge overseeing the original case.