Bling Bling.  That's all I can say when it comes to the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet.  The winner of Main Event each year wins millions of dollars, garners instant fame and is the proud owner of the most coveted piece of jewelery in sports. This year's bracelet is INSANE!

The winner of each WSOP event is awarded a prestigious bracelet .  However, the winner of the Main Event, poker's most notable tournament, gets a bracelet like no other.  With the WSOP now under way, the 2012 championship bracelet has been unveiled.

35 carats worth of diamonds and 170 grams of gold fashioned by Jason of Beverly Hills, the 2012 Main Event bracelet is said to contain more gold and diamonds than any World Series or Super Bowl ring.   Jason knows a little something about championship rings as he created the NBA rings for the Lakers during their recent run to titles.

Man, I DREAM of winning a bracelet.  As you can see by the photo of former world champ, Joe Hachem and I, I am a poker guy. What about you?  Would you ever take the bracelet off if you won?  Hell, I'd shower with it on!