While most of us were asleep last night, we missed one of the greatest poker battles on the felt in the history of the World Series of Poker.  Pius Heinz, a 22 year old student from Euskirchen, Germany went heads up against 35 year old poker pro, Martin Staszko from Trinec, Czech Republic for more than SIX hours!  On the line?  How about a tricked out diamond bracelet, instant fame and oh yeah - that pesky little $8,715,638 in cash.

6,865 poker players hailing from 85 different nations poured into the Rio out in Las Vegas this past July, all playing in the $10,000 buy-in Main Event  poker tournament.   The third largest field in the World Series of Poker's history, played for eight straight days until the field trimmed down to the final nine players.  These players would move on to play the final table of the main event, each chasing every poker player's dream: winning the Main Event.

Winning the Main Event is life changing.  You can go from an unknown player at the table to instant fame.  Millions of dollars, your face on the wall of the Casino, sponsors, TV spots and players like ol' Monte asking for a photo with you.  Heinz is about to travel down that path.

After outlasting 6,863 players, Heinz was at one point facing a four to one chip disadvantaged against Staszko.  During the six hour heads-up battle, the two changed chip leads nine times!  After 119 hands, Staszko went all in (bet all of his chips) with a 10-7 - Heinz holding a very good starting hand, Ace-King, watched his hand hold up and a title fall his way.

Staszko can't get too down on himself - he played equally amazing.  He may not have the bracelet and will probably lack the fame down the road but the second place pay check might just ease that pain.  Staszko can sleep on a pile of 5,433,086 dollars tonight.

Ol' Monte dreams of winning the WSOP main event.  As a poker fan, I want the bracelet.  The bracelet is like  a Super Bowl ring.  Would Dan Marino give back all of his money for the ring?  I'm all about the bracelet, the cash is a distant second.  How about you?  Would you be able to sleep tonight if you came in second place?  Five million in cash - but just short of your dream?