Since the beginning of music, people have been doing their own renditions of other bands songs. 6 out of the 14 songs on The Beatles first album were cover songs. We are still hearing them today from bands like Five Finger Death Punch (House of the Rising Sun, Bad Company) and Halestorm (Get Lucky). Some have become mainly know as songs by the covering band like Metallica doing "Whiskey in the Jar", which was an old Irish traditional song prior to being rocked out.

So many songs over the years have been given new life by other bands, it's crazy!! Remember Van Halens "You Really Got Me" or who doesn't like Alien Ant Farms cover of "Smooth Criminal"?

So what cover song is your favorite? With a seemingly endless list,  you can come up with at least one..... WE WANT TO KNOW!!!!

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Here's one of my favorites: