Why would these badminton players purposely throw a match? Who knows, but it has resulted in eight total players being booted from the Olympics.

If you've been following the London Olympics, you know that every sport is played with a certain intensity. Badminton, thought just a yard game to most of us, is pretty competitive. So when a few players start sucking out of nowhere, people take notice.

It started out with China's Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli and South Korean's Jung Kyung Eun and Kim Ha Na attempting to throw their match. The crowd quickly caught on, and the officials said something. It continued to get weirder when two more sets of teams started to throw their matches too. Strange indeed.

The result of this? Eight badminton players have been disqualified, and kicked out of the Olympics. So why did they do it? According to Yahoo, it was so they could secure a better spot in the knockout round. Oh sweet irony.