The Five Second Rule Is Under The Microscope
Should you stop using the 5 second rule.Answer is YES!!! For years and years I know this is the one rule that a lot of people follow. And believe it or not more women than men!!But does is it really safe and does it really work?
If You Could Have A Magic Houdini Ticket What Would You Do
Remember Last Action Hero? That movie was awesome!! A kid gets a magical Houdini ( the famous magician) ticket where he could go in his favorite movie, Last Action Hero! Sounds pretty bad-ass to me, I loved that movie! As a kid I always wondered what movie I would go in and NOW as an adult I think w…
Legendary NYC Tree Lighting And SNL
Tomorrow in New York City is the seasonal Rockefellar Center Tree Lighting which you can see on NBC. Then Following that is the best of Saturday Night Live Holiday Clips.
Jesse James At It Again
Jesse James engaged? Well it looks like this serial cheater is on to his next victim.This guy just doesn't stop.
Drunk Walks Wrong Way On Escalator – YouTube’s Finest
Drunk, unaware, and walking the wrong way on an escalator is no way to go through like, but it makes for a great YouTube video. "Thank you" to whomever caught this footage of a drunk business man repeatedly trying to walk the wrong direction on an escalator in a U.K. subway.

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