The Parking Wars Have Begun
The holidays are upon us. Over the weekend I took a shopping trip to the mall and I noticed that the holiday parking is in effect. No spots, blinkers blazing, and stalking shoppers as they are walking out. It's only mid-November, it's only the beginning.
Watch And Learn How To Make Pumpkin Soup
I found this video on Youtube. When I saw it I knew I needed to post this to our webpage. Tifa is bat chit crazy. I couldn't even go through a full minute of the video with laughing histerical.
Aspen’s Top 5 Rob Zombie Songs
I love Rob Zombie from his music to his movies!! Tomorrow he will be rocking out with Marilyn Manson at The Glens Falls Civic Center for The Twins of Evil Tour. So it got me thinking what songs I would want to hear tomorrow night.

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