This is Albany, NY. Not the city, but the movie. Okay, maybe it’s a movie about this city. Okay, maybe it’s not exactly a movie and more of a 14-minute video of shots of the City Albany. Either way, it’s sort of like a movie and totally starring Albany.

I have no idea if I am watching a short film or just leaked security footage of the NSA big brother cameras. However there are some cool shots of Albany and a very nice man with some brilliant ideas at the 3:00 mark. I’ve yet to see any mayor come up with some cutting edge ideas like this dude in the white hat. “Albany City Circle” sounds like a brilliant idea. Everyone knows the only thing a city needs to create a booming economy is neon lights and advertisements on their historic architecture.

Confession: I really haven't watched this video all the way through. It's painfully long and boring. If you get through it, consider yourself a better human than I.