Hugh Jackman Fan Throws Pubic Hair At Star
Being famous has got to be glorious, to a degree. I mean, you get to hang out with the biggest names in the biz, make tons of money, and a whole lot more. What could you truly hate about it right?
Hugh Jackman, most famous for his role as Wolverine, recently saw the dark side of fame over the weekend…
New ‘The Wolverine’ Pic: Hugh Jackman Is on the Samurai Path
'The Wolverine' is poised to set Hugh Jackman back on the path as the loner X-Men Logan before the actor reprises the same role in the now Bryan Singer-directed 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.' But this is not gonna be like 'Origins,' folks. Yes, the film takes place in Japan, but aside from that, Jame…

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