When Will We See ‘The Wolverine’ Trailer?
Director James Mangold is about to finish up production on 'The Wolverine' with only a few more days of production left, so that means we should be getting close to seeing the first trailer, right? After a Q&A with Mangold and the film's star Hugh Jackman, the first Japanese calligraphy-style po…
New X-Men Trailer [Video]
X-Men: First Class is prequel that takes back to a time when the Professor and Magneto were friends, back before Charles Xavier was in that wheel chair.
Comic Book Movie News
Rumors of another Batman villain added; Another reason why I am skeptical the new X-Men movie may suck; Brand new extended Thor Trailer.
Nerd Notes–2/17/11
Some pretty cool things on the way for comic book dorks across the world this year.  They have cast the part of Wonder Woman for the upcoming TV series adaptation by David E. Kelley and finally a trailer for X-Men: First Class worth getting excited for.