Drunk Guy Fails At Eating [VIDEO]
I guess we've all been there. Sitting on the bus, all hammered, trying to enjoy a late night 'wow I need to eat cause I'm out of it' snack.  Cause you know, there's nothing like grub after a night of drinking. Then there's this dude.
Let This Python Open The Door For You [VIDEO]
And this is why I will never: A- Own a pet store and B: Own a gigantic snake. In fact, I have no need for a snake. And why would I? They do nothing but lay around eating live animals, and possibly you. That's what snakes do- they strangle things then consume it. Why in the world would I want an…
Crusty Demons Nearly Drown One Of Thier Crusty Demons
You're saying to yourself: 'What the fluck is a Crusty demon?' No worries, I have the scoop. The Crusty Demons are daredevil motorcyclists from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. They're like the Jackass's of today. It's safe to say these guys do dumb…

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