Middle Class Rut Performs Aunt Betty Live [VIDEO]
From time to time I find myself totally hooked on a tune. You know what I mean? I'll listen to it over and over and over again. I think we all do that, to be honest. Although, I have tried to calm it down a bit- I hate getting burnt on tunes. This song though, I don't know- I can't pu…
Things That Go Up, Must Come Down [VIDEO]
Remember Super Off-Road for Nintendo from way back in the day?  You essentially raced a Baja truck around a dirt course hoping to beat the computer and become super pixelated off road racing champion!
Emmure Singer Frankie Palmeri Electrocuted On Stage In Moscow [VIDEO]
When's the last time you saw someone electrocuted while performing on stage? You know, like a singer of fairly decent metal band? I have seen my fair share of shows but never have I seen something like this. Let me start by saying I wasn't at Emmure's show in Moscow the other night bu…
Weather Is Nice, Watch Out For Bikes [VIDEO]
And this is the reason why I constantly say no to getting a bike. While it seems like it would be a blast to go for a cruise around the area it's everyone else that makes me nervous. How many times have you gone to pull out of an intersection and out of no where, a bike appears? I would conside…

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