Tech Thursday – Google+ is Hot to Trot
First, MySpace was the place to hang out online, then along came Facebook, and not only knocked it off it's throne, but gave it a swirly in the toilet to boot! Along the way, MySpace tried to get it's dignity back but nothing worked. Then Google jumped into the fight with Buzz which was a failure. G…
Tech Tuesday – What’s The Hacking Problem?
I took a little time away from the computer this past weekend for the holiday. Spent it with the family and had a great Memorial Day. But when I get back there is another story about someone getting hacked. This time it was the home of Bert and Ernie, PBS, being hacked. Why PBS? Who did Mr. Suffelup…
30 Seconds To Mars Breaking Up?
It was just a few short months ago that Los Angeles trio 30 Seconds to Mars rocked the town of Clifton Park. They put on an amazing show and brought the crowd to another dimension. They were cohesive and seemed to be a three-way match made in, shall we say, mars. However, the music world got news to…
Musicians React To The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden
When America was informed of the death of  Al Queda leader Osama Bin Laden, they rejoiced. Most people raced to their computers to post comments on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Among the millions were musicians from bands all over the country. See what they had to say.
Former Seether Guitarist Rejoins Evanscence
In March, Seether guitarist Troy McLawhorn announced he was leaving the band "for personal reasons" only to re-join his former band Evanscence.  Seether frontman Shaun Morgan isnt too happy about it.

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