Kanye West just continues to prove that he is one of the dumbest people in America.  He decided it would be a good idea to tweet a pic of his girl, Kim Kardashian, in the buff.

@amiamiley, twitter

After Kanye tweeted the scandalous photo of Kim, he quickly removed it.  Lucky for you guys, I happen to be a huge twitter freak.  So did Kanye mean to tweet this photo, or was it an accident?

Kim is the queen of publicity stunts after her brief marriage to Kris Humphries, so maybe this was all her elaborate plan to make a splash?  Some are even claiming that it's not Kim and that it's someone else.  Either way, Kanye make sure you check your tweets.  And next time lets get a front-side view.  Seriously.


According to TMZ, the photo is not of Kim Kardashian.  It's apparently pornstar Amia Miley, and it's all part of a twitter prank called #WanksterWednesday.  TMZ also adds, they like the pic anyway.  We share the same sentiment.