When Did Matt Lauer Transform Into The Six Flags Guy?
So this morning I was at the gym pumping plates with the intentions to eat T-bone steaks later when I saw the Today show on one of the television. I remember growing up in my parent’s house and my parents just swooning uncontrollably for Matt Lauer ever morning before school...
Taxes Due Today!
You have until midnight tonight to get your federal and state taxes post marked and in the mail.
Olivia Munn Drunk On Today Show
To promote her new show, Perfect Couples, Olivia Munn filled in for Kathie Lee Gifford on the fourth hour of the Today Show.  She did it while getting hammered.
Pizza Wars Winner Announced Today
So you waited in the line, tried all the pizza and put in your votes.  They are being tallied up and at 5pm today we will announce the public's vote best pizza in the Capital Region!