Sunscreen You Can Drink
It's summertime which means it's time to lather up in sunscreen in hopes of not getting burned. The spray version feels sticky and the lotion can feel like a thick film on your skin. What if there was an easier way for you to get sun protection? What if all you had to do was drink it?
Can Sunscreen Be Considered a Drug?
Last week, a mom in Tacoma, WA. went public after her fair-skinned young daughters came home from an all-day field trip badly sunburned because teachers weren’t allowed to provide them with sunscreen.
Now the policies that led to the incident are being re-examined.
Want to Burst into Flames at Your Next Cookout? Apply Sunscreen!
Want to really impress your friends at your next backyard cookout?  Apply sunscreen while your tending the grill and immediately burst into flames.   That's what happened to a Massachusetts man after he applied Banana Boat suntan lotion.  The grill ignited the lotion and he …