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Grease Metal! (Video)
Start your week off with one of the most unlikely covers, I've been saying for years that someone should make a metal version of this song and ones like it, finally someone went outside the box and found John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.
I Got 1 Out Of 4
Congratulations to Julianne Moore on her Oscar win last night. They are talking about the Oscars now on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show making fun of John Travolta. Lets all make fun of John Travolta, but read this blog first.
Could John Travolta Play a Future Bond Villain?
It's been a rough decade for John Travolta, and his self-destructive slide looks to continue now that he's signed on to voice the lead character in a Gummy Bears movie. For that reason, we have a hard time believing that he's spoken to the James Bond franchise producers about playing a villain in a …