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It’s A Down & Dirty Rock Show Tonight
Being on rock radio, I love it when rock shows come to town and especially a down and dirty one like tonight with Buckcherry at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park. Special guests include James Durbin and Red Light King.
Judas Priest On American Idol [VIDEO]
American Idol contestant James Durbin has brought heavy metal to American Idol this season and it wasn't more apparent than last night when he was joined on the stage by Judas Priest.
American Idol Goes Metal [Video]
Is nothing sacred anymore?  At least the kid did a good job with it.  Idol contestant James Durbin decided to throw up the devil horns and do some Judas Priest on American Idol last night.  A ballsy move for anyone since Rob Halford has one of the most iconic voices in rock.  Her…