Can Wasting Time Online Improve Employee Productivity?
In a study that anyone who works in an office will heartily embrace, researchers found that spending small parts of the day wasting time on the Internet makes workers more productive because it acts to mentally refresh them.
“Browsing the Internet serves an important restorative function,&Close…
Using the Internet Could Affect Your Memory
Seems Internet resources such as search engines could make you less likely to recall information.
So says a new study, anyway, which sought to discover how likely people are to remember something if they knew they could also find it on a computer.
Mint – Free Online Budget Tracking Tool
After finishing up school and starting a full-time job, I'm starting (or at least attempting) to keep track of my finances and set budget goals before I have to start paying off my student loans. This is where you insert the blood curdling scream...
The Dangers Of The Internet–90’s Style
I love when something new comes around.  This clip from the early 90's about the dangers of the internet is hilarious.  I mean the internet is full of crazy things and a whole lot of creepers, but I think some of the warnings that they were preaching about early on may be a bit over d…
Debut Of Sheen’s Korner
Apparently the $3 million an episode deal with HBO didn't seem to go through.  So what was Charlies next option for his brand new tell it like it is talk show?  The Internet!  This is part one of the debut episode which is pretty much just more ranting.
Tech Tuesday – The Internet is Running Out of Addresses
For some time now, the engineers who run the internet have been saying that we are running out of IP addresses. IP addresses are how computers are identified on the internet and we are able to go to webpages. This past week, the last of the addresses ran out. What are we going to do now?

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