If you’ve never heard of StumbleUpon then you are missing out on tons of great content around the internet. Not everyone has heard of StumbleUpon so I thought I’d share a brief explanation of what it is and why it’s so awesome – plus explain how to use it. Trust me it’s addicting and you’ll love it plus you’ll find all sorts of things you’d never find otherwise. So what exactly is StumbleUpon? I describe it as ‘internet roulette’ – when you click the Stumble button you get something random from someplace on the internet. You can visit their website and just click Stumble but it works better when you sign up for an account (you can sign in with your existing Facebook account) and tell the site what your interests are. After you give a little info about what you like you’ll be presented with a variety of articles, photos, videos, and more that relate to those interests. In other words it’s a way for you to find new and interesting things on the web and give them the thumbs up or thumbs down. You can also install a plugin on your browser if you’re more technically advanced and Stumble on the go.

Chances are you’ve noticed that the bottom of every article we publish on our site there are a series of buttons to share the article on Facebook, Twitter, and now we’ve added the option to share it on StumbleUpon. If you read something you think is awesome then please by all means share it!

Have you used StumbleUpon? What do you think of it? It’s our favorite addiction for sure! Check out the video for more info.