Earlier this week I posted the video of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer getting the unnecessary censorship treatment by myself and my brother.  Now, a few days later, it has become a viral sensation. 

The concept of creating a viral sensation on the internet is a pretty cool.  That may be what me and my brother did when we screwed around and added censor beeps into the classic Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.  We made it as a joke and for something fun for all you guys, the Q103 listeners, to enjoy for the holidays.  We never imagined it would be picked up nationally, but that is exactly what happened.

I kept checking everyday to see how many views it had, and I got a big surprise today when it had gotten almost 500 over night, and it keeps growing.  The video itself got picked up by GuySpeed.com, and from there it became a sensation.  A national radio prep service grabbed up the video link and sent it out all over as the 'Video of The day'.

As if that wasn't sweet enough, that's the same prep-service that Free Beer & Hot Wings get and immediately noticed that it was my video.   They posted it up to their site, and that will bring in even more views.  I joined them on the show to talk about it.

Thanks to the guys for the additional exposure, and I hope this thing blows up.  Awaiting an angry call from the people at Rankin & Bass though.  Watch the original video below.