A Lack Of Female Metal Fans?
The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show has been all about sports and weird news this morning, I guess it is a slow news day. That is not a bad thing because a good news day usually means bad news. One of the many topics on the show today turned into a roast of metal fans, where it was s…
Stripper Fight! [NSFW VIDEO]
I almost found myself smack dab in the middle of this same situation in Richmond, Virginia. I don't know what the cause of this massive stripper fight was but I can tell you I am super happy I was not involved.
‘SNL’ Gives Adam and Eve the ‘Girls’ Treatment
With Lena Dunham hosting the show, there was no way 'SNL' wasn't going to do some kind of 'Girls' parody. And with the recent release of 'Son of God' and the impending arrival of 'Noah,' there was no way the show wasn't going to take a shot at the recent biblical movie revival. So here we are, with …
How To Get Girls To Make Out With You [VIDEO]
So this dude has cracked the code on how to get girls you have just met to make out with you. Things you will need are a rain machine, public setting, a copy of the “The Notebook” and a handsome face. Muscles don’t seem to be a necessity in this routine bu…

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