What’s this country coming to if a busty high school kid can’t stuff her watermelon sized breast into a small strapless dress and attend a school function? KATU is reporting that Brittany Minder was looking forward to her high school prom for 4 years and searched as far as Canada to find the perfect dress. And as you can see from the video the perfect dress means 2 sizes too small. I’m not going to sit here and make fun of the dress, because its fabulous. If I could get some stones like that on my wrestling trunks I would be so happy, but it’s not the design that is the issue it is the size. The size of either the dress or Brittany is all wrong.

When Brittany arrived at her prom she was denied entry until she covered up her milky young chest canyon. Both Brittany and her parents were outraged that this was an issue even though the school clearly stated the rules well in advance.

“According to the school's dress code, strapless dresses are allowed as long as cleavage, midriff and lower back are covered.”

I’m not saying Brittany’s boobs don’t deserve to be seen but rules is rules. I honestly wish this family would just shut the hell up. Your daughter broke the rules and that’s the end of it. Stop crying to the news because you want some sort of compensation for your mistakes.

If anyone is taking the side of Brittany because you simply love boobs then I can respect that but I won’t change my opinion. I like boobs just as much as the next guy but young Brittany here doesn't have the appeal. Boobs on a fat girl are like abs on a skinny dude, they don’t count!


PS: Is this really the kind of creepy dude you want talking about your teenage daughters breast?